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VReakout is a modern re-imagining of the classic brick breaker genre with a virtual reality twist and designed for the HTC Vive.

For the HTC Vive VR System

Available on the Steam Store.

VR Shield

Reduce the spread of contamination from extended game play and multiple users of VR headsets.

Protect your HTC Vive

Sharing your HTC Vive VR Headset has never been easier! Just place a VR Shield underneath the headset and you’re all set!

AR Entertainment System

Proprietary Geolocation-based Augmented Reality (AR) Experience and Entertainment System for venues, events and theme parks.

The next big thing in Gaming

Discover a whole new world hiding within your world. Play anywhere and interact with your augmented surrounding. More engaging and interactive game play.

Digital Assets

Powerful tools for speed, quality and advanced technologies developement for developers of all skill levels

Amazing quality enhancements for developers

We have an extensive library of digital assets including scripts, 3D models, textures, shaders, environments, animations, particles, mocap data. Our devs, scientists and artists make new content available regularly.

Our Services

Consumer Products and Retail

Our extensive experience delivers amazing customer experiences.

Transform your customer experience

We accept select projects that have specific VR/AR/MR requirements. Get in touch with us so we can make your dreams a reality.

3D Services

Our team and innovation lab the capability to create anything from new digital consumer products and to new virtual worlds.

We'll enable you to visualize your plans.

Our custom 360-degree Virtual and Mixed Reality Studio with 4x Eye full MoCap (Motion Capture) can be utilized by the hour or per project. We also offer a full range of custom digital asset creation.


We have deep expertise in a wide array of technolgies.

We're serious technology aficionado's. Or, at least we'd like to think so,

Our team has always pushed limits on technology to gain competitive advantages over competition. Engage our experience and connections to get your product, service or event into the forefront of Enhanced Reality product and Services.

Our Technologies

Augmented Reality

Enhance your everyday world


Working with major brands, events and destinations, our Augmented Reality applications engage users and adds a new level of insights to the world around them.

Our AR Portfolio

Virtual Reality

Teleport to another place and/or time.


We have an extensive knowledge and experience in VR and the underlying 3D technologies both for games, animation and consumer products

Our VR Portfolio

Mixed Reality

Like YOU are really in the game.


We’ve perfected the art of combining the real world with the virtual. Are you in the computer? Or, can we bring digital objects into the real world? Yes.

Our MR Portfolio

Digital Reality Innovation Lab

Creating and Developing the next generation of immersive technologies and experiences.

VR/AR/MR SkunkWorks

If it’s new and innovative, you can be sure that we will be up to speed and turning new technology into competitive advantages for our partners, clients and ourselves.

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